Work in Progress

I haven’t added to this page in a while …..

Back to working on this chap after a bit of a break.  For where this chap is going to sit, I need to extend his beer mug so that it overhangs the pedestal so additions have to made using pieces cut the original block. Once it’s shaped you should hardly notice the join.

2018-05-24 18.49.10

Adding an off cut to create an overhang

2018-05-24 20.43.00

Start of the shaping process on the overhang


Nothing like mixing it up … back to paper. Evolution of a sausage dog, almost finished.

2018-01-20 10.51.48

Carving continues …. feeling really pleased with how this is turning out

One thing I like to do is have many projects on the go at any one time. So here’s a look at the continuing emergence of the door Guardian.

2017-11-16 20.37.53

Still making money

But just finished these commissions to be added to the sight soon …

Plus another commission which can not be show till after Christmas – top secret gift.


Work starts on the stone ….

2017-10-12 20.39.08


New sculpture – half size clay maquette for stone carving

Photo shopped him in place guarding the studio door.

Always start a new piece with a sketch

Wonder what it could be?

2017-07-31 09.53.44

Finished this one …

Now to get on to the other six !!!!

Cutting to get in proportion

Finished this side

Bit of fixing

I was asked if I could have a look at a piece that hadn’t fired too well and needed a bit of fixing ….

From this to this

A 3D jigsaw without the picture.

Bit of Hair dressing …

and touch up the make-up

2p - 2

Who said you can’t make money out of stone carving?

Next project begins