Bath Stone Miner Bookends

Cold Cast Bronze set on hand carved Bath Stone

Height 28cm (11″) by 16.5cm (6.5″) by 13cm (5″)

Limited edition of 150

This is the second response in sculpture I have made to the 18th Century Bath stone miners and their contemporaries employed recently to infill the void under the area in which I live. The stone that was extracted originally was used to build the Georgian city of Bath, parts of Buckingham Palace and repairs and extensions to Windsor Castle along with many other buildings around the world.

I decided to depict them as bookends to show the symmetry of their working practices and to represent the beginning and end of this industry here. I also wanted to show the contrast in the equipment taken with them to work.

My grateful thanks go to our local museum the Combe Down Stone Legacy Trust (locally know as “the Corner Stone” – see earlier post) and the Combe Down Heritage Society who helped enormously with my research.

See below how they were made.